IEEE-USA MOVE – Hurricane Matthew Recovery Deployment

Thank you to Cisco for your generous support!
Thank you to Cisco for your generous support!

10/21/16 – After 16 days of nearly 7×24 service, the IEEE-USA MOVE truck returned to base camp this evening for routine servicing. Many thanks to our volunteers, Grayson, Tim, Steve, and others for their hard work keeping things running round the clock. It’s an exhausting job and we truly appreciate your assistance.

Also, We want to thank Cisco for the donation of our new Cisco Meraki networking equipment. We supported over 26 GB of network traffic during our recent deployment to Eastern North Carolina.

The relief effort in NC is expected to go on for many months so there is still opportunity to help. Thank you again for your support.

Setting up satellite communications in Greenville, NC

10/18/16 – The team is preparing to set up a ground satellite dish which will replace the IEEE-USA MOVE truck when it is moved to a  larger facility in the near future. IEEE-USA MOVE continues to support over 6 GB of data daily supporting all disaster relief efforts from the current headquarters.

10/16/ 2016 – Friday the MOVE team completed their assignment in Fayetteville and were then deployed to Greenville NC. This is the Red Cross district 2 office. The MOVE truck will provide this site with additional Internet bandwidth required by the Red Cross volunteers.

10/12/2016 – MOVE is supporting the Red Cross District 3 office located at Fort Bragg, Fayetteville NC., by providing internet access to the folks who are working there.  That office provides planning and strategy to several local counties.

Running cables to support the Red Cross district 2 headquarters
Running cables to support the Red Cross district 2 headquarters

With rivers not expected to crest until Friday, it is still difficult to reach people needing help and rescues continue.  With roads closed by water and trees down, a half hour trip is reported to take 2-3 hours.

Last night there were 3,000+ folks still seeking shelters, so relief efforts continue.  The Red Cross volunteers and staff are relentless in providing support to the folks impacted by this disaster.

We have heard that the majority of relief resources are coalesced in NC with the combination of coastal hurricane damage and massive inland flooding.

10/10/2016 – Hundreds of Lumberton, NC residents were forced to flee their homes early Monday as water from Hurricane Matthew poured into their neighborhoods. Rivers may take several days before cresting and damage continues to increase. Many roads including 2 major interstate highways are closed. Getting to people in need has been difficult.

No housing – The truck has served as makeshift sleeping quarters.
No housing – In a pinch, the truck has served as makeshift sleeping quarters.

The IEEE-USA MOVE truck is now at the Red Cross headquarters located within Ft. Bragg and is providing internet access and critical communications infrastructure support. This has allowed the leadership here the ability to coordinate activities needed to help those in need.

10/9/16 – There is massive devastation all along the east coast and over two million people are without power. After providing power to Red Cross workers in Florida, MOVE is headed north helping along the way. Our volunteers slept in the truck last night in a SC truck stop as there was no where to stay.. Another MOVE volunteer in Wilmington, NC was in lockdown and the whole area was without power last evening.

10/8/2016 – The MOVE truck and team are in Florida supporting Hurricane Matthew relief efforts. Now that the storm has passed there, the Red Cross HQ is moving to closer to the damaged area and into Orlando. the MOVE team will be assisting in setting up the new HQ. Other MOVE volunteers have also deployed in NC where 10-12 inches of rain and severe inland flooding are possible. More volunteers are needed along the east coast. contact your local Red Cross office to help closer to home. If you can travel and deploy for 7-14 days, sign up here and note that.  Some of the needed skills include: technology, communications, nursing, shelter help, meal preparation, etc.

10/6/2016 – IEEE-USA MOVE truck has been deployed by the Red Cross initially to Florida to help with Hurricane Matthew preparations and recovery.

You Can Help

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Photo credit: Stephen B. Morton, AP