MOVE Volunteer Assistance in Puerto Rico

Downed power lines in PR
Downed power lines in Puerto Rico

IEEE MOVE volunteer Tim Forrest was deployed to Puerto Rico on November 24th to lend his expertise in helping fulfill communications infrastructure needs.

Update: On November 30th, IEEE MOVE volunteer Steve Kemp arrived in Puerto Rico to assist with the recovery efforts.

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2017 Impact

Download our Fall 2017 MOVE Newsletter
Download our Fall 2017 MOVE Newsletter

It has been a busy hurricane season for the IEEE MOVE team in 2017. After supporting Missouri flooding in May, the team has been deployed continuously since mid-August.

As of November 1st, We had team members deploy a total of 5750 hours to support the Red Cross for 3 primary disaster operations. The IEEE MOVE truck was deployed for over 5 weeks and traveled over 6000 miles just this fall.

To learn more, please download our fall newsletter Here.

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