Hurricane Dorian

14 September – After nearly a two-week deployment to assist with Hurricane Dorian relief and recovery efforts, the MOVE team left Hatteras Island on Saturday, September 14th and returned home. It is still peak hurricane season and the team will be ready to mobilize again.

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12 September – Today was the team’s last working day on the job. They continued to provide communications support to the kitchen at Hatteras Ferry Terminal. Many stores were open today and the volume of traffic has increased significantly. Hatteras Island is getting back to normal after significant flooding and some wind damage.

Tomorrow they will head back to Greenville NC to return some equipment to the Red Cross DRO-HQ before signing out of the job and returning the truck to Durham NC and getting the truck ready for the next event.

It is still peak Hurricane season and the team is closely monitoring 2 systems in the Atlantic at this time. A tropical storm watch has been issued for parts of eastern Florida.

11 September – IEEE-USA’s MOVE team continues to provide communications at the NC Baptist kitchen in Hatteras. Food prepared here is being delivered by the Red Cross to both Hatteras Island and Ocracoke. Radios are used to coordinate the ERVs (Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle) in staging and loading of the vehicles. Internet is used to communicate with the district office in Greenville. You can see in the pictures the food staged for loading into the ERVs (Emergency Response Vehicles).

Many of you know our team member Tim Forrest who is a very active MOVE member. Tim visited with us today and made sure we were doing a good job. Great to see Tim. In addition, NC State Trooper Chris Villines stopped in for some hydration and see the MOVE truck. Trooper Villines is stationed here today to provide security at the kitchen and Ferry Terminal. Glad he joined us in the air-conditioned MOVE truck!

Many volunteers have used our internet while working on this operation. Keeping them in contact with their family and friends.

10 September (Hatteras Island, NC) – MOVE is currently supporting a kitchen (with internet and communications) where the NC Baptist Men and Women Disaster Relief Ministry is preparing thousands of hot meals. The Red Cross will, in turn, deliver these meals to survivors of Hurricane Dorian on Ocracoke Island.

A great example of the power of collaboration making an impact!

9 September (06:00) – The MOVE team is currently on Hatteras Island (outer banks) supporting a kitchen and disaster assessment efforts. Conditions on Okracoke Island are very bad (water rose to the top of the 2nd floor in many places). The team may still head there, but not yet. Time will tell.

IEEE-USA’s MOVE and Red Cross Partnership – Hatteras, Island, NC

8 September – IEEE-USA’s MOVE vehicle is headed to Ocracoke Island (North Carolina’s Outer Banks). The island experienced devastating flooding and currently lacks cell service. Their first stop will be the Cape Hatteras ferry dock where they will set up radio communications for a kitchen. Once that is established, the team will remain there until they depart to the Island.

7 September – IEEE MOVE’s Hurricane Dorian deployment team arrived at the Greenville Red Cross district office last night. Several areas are flooded and there are areas without cell service. The MOVE team is uniquely equipped to assist with cell service/internet outages and will be dispatched as needed to assist with relief and recovery efforts.

Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best….

So many people were ready to support the disaster that really did not happen. The entire southeast coast was spared from significant damage… not to say there was none, but it seems to be localized.

The team continues to assist as needed while the disaster response operation is in need of the IEEE MOVE services.

6 September (13:00 ET) – Although the storm category rating has recently decreased, there are still strong winds and a tremendous amount of water in this storm. There is a chance of very significant flooding along the eastern US coast. The MOVE team, originally deployed to Florida and then to South Carolina, is now headed to Wilmington, NC where they expect to provide post-storm critical communications infrastructure and IT support.

5 September (22:00 ET) – After an 11-hour drive from Orlando (via Macon, GA to avoid high winds and heavy rain) the MOVE team arrived in Columbia, SC. Tomorrow morning they will head to the Red Cross South Carolina disaster headquarters where they will work with their leadership team to determine the best use of IEEE-USA’s MOVE truck. Tonight there are about 220,000 people in SC without power.

5 September (08:00 ET) – This morning IEEE-USA’s MOVE team headed toward Columbia, SC to stage for support of disaster relief and recovery operations.

4 September – As Hurricane Dorian is leaving Florida, so is the MOVE team. The team is planning to head north first thing tomorrow morning. The exact destination is to be determined, but they expect to assist with relief and recovery efforts in North Carolina and/or South Carolina.

David H Sewell joined Grayson Randall today on this deployment. David is an experienced Red Cross volunteer who recently completed the MOVE training.

3 September – Hurricane Dorian, one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record, is now a Category 2 storm. It is expected to come dangerously close to the Florida coast this evening before continuing toward the Georgia and South Carolina coasts. Rain bands and tropical storm level winds are already beginning to pelt Palm Beach County, FL. If you are in the path of Dorian, please take appropriate steps to stay safe:

MOVE is standing by in Orlando, ready to assist with disaster relief and recovery efforts once Hurricane Dorian passes. As the storm moves north, MOVE will likely be moved northward in response.

2 September – MOVE has been mobilized to assist with Hurricane Dorian disaster relief and recovery efforts. The Red Cross has requested that the IEEE MOVE truck be deployed to Lake City, FL.

29 August – Hurricane Dorian is active in the Caribbean. It is projected to intensify over the next several days. The current projection is that it will hit the east coast of Florida as a category 4 hurricane late Sunday into early Monday. Effects will be felt before that.

Volunteers Needed

If you are a MOVE volunteer trained in Red Cross DST 101, have completed the MOVE training, and are available to deploy, please send your Red Cross number and availability to me*******@ie**.org">me*******@ie**.org. Any questions can also be directed to that address.

There is no guarantee that we will be deployed, but we like to be in a state of readiness so we can act quickly if called upon.

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