Meet Volunteers Aboard the IEEE MOVE Truck

They provide the vehicle’s mobile services of emergency power, Internet access, and cell phone chargers to natural disaster victims and aid workers
MOVE Volunteer Brian Greene

While volunteering for the American Red Cross in 2016, Brian Greene’s team was paired with volunteers from the MOVE project to assist victims when Hurricane Matthew reached the Southeastern United States after devastating Haiti. IEEE has a partnership agreement with the American Red Cross. The MOVE volunteers provide technology services; the Red Cross shelters MOVE volunteers during the disaster and assists in determining where the vehicle should be deployed whether parked near a shelter or used to support relief workers.

Working with MOVE volunteers inspired Greene to join IEEE. He subsequently deployed with MOVE last year during historic flooding in Missouri.

“It is extremely rewarding to help others and give back,” Greene says.

(Please Note: This is an excerpt from IEEE’s “the institute“, August 17, 2018)

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You Can Help

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