After Florence and Michael: MOVE Volunteers Apply Skills, Caring

Hurricanes Florence and Michael ravaged much of the southeastern United States last autumn, setting new records for rainfall, wind speed and destruction.

After both disasters, IEEE’s MOVE community outreach truck went into action, a welcome sight for both first responders, and the displaced people they help. As the MOVE team of trained IEEE members worked, they tallied some impressive statistics of their own: the five-person group of volunteers served a total of 118 people days – almost 17 weeks.

Moreover, their efforts were practically nonstop – on 8 October, after 3-1/2 weeks of assisting with Hurricane Florence disaster relief, the MOVE truck returned home to Raleigh. On 9 October, as Hurricane Michael set its sights on the Florida Panhandle, volunteers set out again.

Since its launch in 2016, the MOVE program has enabled members in Regions 3 and 5 to help deliver emergency assistance to victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, flooding and wildfires. MOVE’s volunteers provide temporary relief to the Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations; services include providing power in widespread outage areas; phone service via satellite, when cell phones and landlines are not available; and overall communications support that helps organizations function, and assists people in reaching the help they need…..

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Author: Helen Horwitz

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