MOVE Celebrates One Year!

Spring 2017 Newsletter
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It’s our birthday! The MOVE truck was put on the road in March of 2016 and was deployed for more than eight weeks, aiding in five disaster situations and logging more than 14,000 miles in its first year. The truck was also used as a command center to prevent loss of life through community smoke alarm installations.

  • May: Red Cross Home Fire Campaign in North Carolina
  • June-July: Flooding in West Virginia
  • August: Flooding in Louisiana
  • August: Hurricane Hermine in North Carolina
  • September: Red Cross Home Fire Campaign in North Carolina
  • October: Hurricane Matthew in Florida and North Carolina
  • December: Tennessee Wild Fires

STEM Outreach and Public Visibility

The MOVE truck has also been used by volunteers to conduct community outreach and learning opportunities for students and the general public in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The MOVE truck has been as far west as Texas, and as far north as New York to “get kids jazzed” about studying STEM. There were more than a dozen K-12, college and other public appearances for the vehicle in 2016, reaching 955 students and educators.

Check out our Spring 2017 Newsletter for all the details!

MOVE is funded by donations like yours. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please consider helping the MOVE Community Outreach program by donating to the cause.