Hurricane Sally Recovery

25 September 2020 – Alan Brown and Grayson Randall are headed home from Pensacola Florida. Yesterday the church passed out another 600 hot meals and the last of the cleaning supplies. The Friendship Missionary Baptist Church will continue to serve the community but the immediate need for IEEE MOVE has ended. This has been a very rewarding deployment working closely with the community to meet the needs of so many people impacted by hurricane Sally.

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21 September 2020 – IEEE-USA’s MOVE team is providing power and internet to the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. The church is without power and their members were receiving Red Cross training today on how to help the community (tomorrow, it will become a Red Cross feeding station for those in need).

20 September 2020 – Alan Brown and Grayson Randall are in Pensacola Florida assisting with setting up a Red Cross disaster technology services (DST) office. This office will provide technology equipment to support this disaster operation

Pensacola, FL – 09/20/2020

19 September 2020 – The MOVE team (Grayson Randall and Alan Brown) has been redirected to Pensacola, FL, an area hard hit by Hurricane Sally. Getting there has been a bit of a challenge as The bridge they would normally take is out and MOVE is researching alternate approach routes. Stay tuned for updates!

18 September 2020 – The MOVE team has been deployed and is headed to Tallahassee, FL via Atlanta, GA

16 September 2020 – The MOVE team is currently on standby for a possible deployment to the Florida panhandle to assist with Hurricane Sally recovery efforts