Hurricane Delta Support

20 October 2020 – Most of the power in Louisiana has been restored. The badly damaged parishes have started letting residents return. Most of the technological equipment has been deployed.

Based on this information, the MOVE team is being released. Today we prepared the truck for the trip home and will head back to North Carolina on Tuesday morning. Expect a 2-day drive

This is MOVE’s 5th deployment this year

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14 October 2020 – IEEE-USA’s MOVE team is currently in Baton Rouge, LA where they have been providing network and computer support for Red Cross volunteers and shelter facilities. Grayson Randall and Alan Brown are the crew for this effort.

9 October 2020 – MOVE is on its way to Louisiana in response to Hurricane Delta. This is our 5th deployment this year.

10 October 2020 – Alan Brown and Grayson Randall have arrived in Baton Rouge at the Red Cross headquarters. They will get their assignment in the morning.